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Foundational Movement Therapy™

Foundational Movement Therapy™

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Max Morin

Max Morin

Foundational Movement Therapist
Max is President of Urban Roots Wellness Centre and Foundational Movement Institute. He is also the creator of Foundational Movement Therapy™. Max educates his clients on the importance of Conscious Movement Protocols. He developed his practice around the everyday concepts of Walking, Sitting, Sleeping, Standing, Bending, Stairs and Running. Through his education of Biomechanics, Applied Kinesiology, and structural anatomy. He teaches his students, which come from a variety of backgrounds, such as Chiropractors, Phyisotherapists, Doctors in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainers. To become the most knowledgeable therapists, when it comes to Foundational Movement Therapy™. Max’s passion is to educate and empower individuals that have lost hope in their bodies, as they feel victimized with chronic pain. Max Morin
Foundational Movement Therapy
$ 95 per 45 mins
Get rid of those aches and pains
Learn to walk, sit, stand, bend, sleep and run
Become pain free.
Foundational Movement Therapy Initial Assessment
$ 135 per 60 mins
Within the hour assessment
Gain the knowledge and understanding
What is causing your pain, and how to fix it
How can it help get rid of pain?

How can it help get rid of pain?

Whether clients come in with shoulder pain, or piriformis syndrome. Most if not all, symptoms are caused by our day to day activities, ranging from how we walk, sit, stand, sleep, bend, go up stairs or even run. If we don't address the things we do every single day, the same way over and over again, we never really address the symptom at the root cause. With Foundational Movement Therapy™, we implement Conscious Movement Protocols, which address the 7 primary ways we move our bodies, to then learn how to move bio-mechanically efficiently. Ultimately removing the initial symptom from the equation, and empowering the individual through educational protocols, to stay pain free for life. This coincides with  the therapeutic exercises, which are called FMT Protocols, which are designed to restructure and balance each bone, by strengthening the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint. The treatment is assessed and based off Fascial Trains, which resemble the meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine.