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Foundational Movement Therapy™ Text book

This coming September, we are hosting a new program for all practitioners to take! It's called Foundational Movement Therapy™, this program can be integrated in your practice.

In this course, you will understand a new way to view pain symptoms, by addressing the postural faults of the client. These faults are manifested, by what we call compensatory patterns, which are the improper habits we've learned to carry ourselves throughout our day.

With Foundational Movement Therapy™, you will learn the necessary tools and techniques to addressing structural pain and soft tissue imbalances. As well as undergoing new assessment techniques, by viewing the fascial systems and their effect on body. This can be also viewed as addressing meridian lines, by physically changing their length and tone.

Within the program we address the 7 Conscious Movement Protocols. Which we believe, if done incorrectly can be the root cause for symptoms.

Max Morin is the Founder and Creator of Foundational Movement Therapy™& Author of Foundational Movement Therapy™ - Practitioner Textbook

The 7 Conscious Movement Protocols, are educational in nature. Empower the client and rectify their main concerns at the root.

Walking - Bending - Running - Sitting - Standing - Stairs -Sleeping     

You will also learn the 55, Foundational Movement Therapy™ Protocols or FMT Protocols for short. Which can be provided in any clinical setting.

Finally, you will learn the biomechanics of each of our daily movements. To create a balanced and pain-free body, empowering your clients, one step at a time.


Beginning Tuesday, September 5th

  • From 1:30pm - 4:30pm, every Monday

  • The course is a total of 39 hours, throughout 13 weeks

  • Located #138, 17 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 1L6

20 Seats Left for September

Early Bird Discount for enrollment before August 13

Price :$1500

Regular price after August 13th: $1800

Best utilized in practices for:
Massage Therapists
Athletic Therapists 


Do you have what it takes to become a Foundational Movement Therapist?

Enrol in the course today!

Welcome to Foundational Movement Therapy™, you are on your way to becoming a leading edge therapist in the matters of implementing FMT and Conscious Movement Protocols.Throughout the period of taking this course, you will learn Fascial Meridians, and how to implement therapeutic exercises distally or locally to provide effective pain relief based off the fascial lines.

Make Passive Income From Prescribing FMT Protocols

Have you ever wanted to seamlessly make passive income in your practice? You might be selling product or up selling your services, which allow for great capital gains, but can it be even easier?

One of the many benefits of becoming a Certified Foundational Movement Therapist, is you will be able to make passive income from each one of your current and future clients.

This is done through your own profile page, where you can manage your clients exercises and protocols, while generating monthly online revenue.

Foundational Movement Therapy™ - Enrolment

  • Over 20 hours of video content

  • 60 FMT Protocols with video instructions included

  • Access to the FMT Exercise Glossary, where you can make passive income from prescribing Protocols, after graduation.

  • 132 page Foundational Movement Therapy™ Manual included

  •  30 guided practicum hours, after course completion

  •  1 on 1 Free Skypecalls during the practicum (3- 15 mins calls)

  • Ability to promote your services as an FMT on, once you've graduated

  • 8 Total Units to complete, to become a certified Foundational Movement Therapist