Lower Back Pain

3 main things you're doing everyday, that is causing your pain.

As the number one most predominant and frequent physical pain, in our western society. The reason for this, is mainly how we carry ourselves day to day? Whether that be sitting, standing, walking, bending, sleeping, etc...

As for other second or even third world countries, they do not show the severity or frequency of back pain, as much as we, as first world countries do.

SO what does this tell us, it's an indication, that our sitting, walking and standing habits are not benefitting us anymore.

Anatomy Breakdown


Improper sitting, can be the main cause for chronic back pain

As we sit an average of 4-12 hours every day, this causes our glutes or butt, to lengthen. This lengthening causes instability within the sacrum and hips. Which can later develop Sacroiliac pain (SI joint), do to the nature of the joints being unstable.

lower back pain, can be caused due to an unsupportive glute Maximus

Chronic sitting also causes the muscles in the back, called the erector spinae, to lengthen. This leads to unsupported vertebrae, since the role or job of the erectors is to act as two guide wires. To make sure the spine remains nice and straight, as well as enables for use to bend backwards.

When the spine is unsupported, the discs in between the vertebrae, can become compressed in ways its not meant to be. This can lead to nerve impingements, that can translate to symptoms like sciatica.

Tips as to how you should be sitting!

  1. Try and avoid having your back touch the back rest, even with "lumbar support"

  2. Avoid having your feet directly beneath your butt, but rather underneath your knees, or in front of them.

  3. Keep your chest or sternum high, this makes sure your Thoracic spine remains in alignment without the quintessential slouching posture.


A similar occurrence happens when standing, yet it's the opposite as to what happens when sitting.

When we stand we often stand based out of bad habits, these habits have just been adapted to justify expended energy expenditures. What I mean by this, is we stand for comfort, to minimize the amount of muscles we use when standing.

The result of this, is chronically loaded joints,

The lower spine begins to become compressed from too much lordosis, or curve of the spine.

Lower back pain, is often caused by too much lordosis from improper standing postures

This is the idea that when predominant or excess curve in the lumbar spine, whether it be lordosis or kyphosis. Can lead to degenerative disc disease (DDD) in the spine, as well as progressive bone degeneration, also known as osteoarthritis, from too much grinding and mis-alignment.

Now how should I stand to prevent any of the symptoms listed above?

With the video below, we will guide you through a in depth analysis as to what you are currently doing, and how you should be doing it. To relieve your back pain today!

Now after watching the video above, this should provide some insight as to what the majority of you are doing when you're standing.

The simplicity of changing the way you're standing and sitting will be one of the most powerful tools in your belt, to utilize to relieve your own back pain.

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